Never Have I Ever: Card Game of Poor Life Decisions

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  • Includes 550 cards – 485 Never Have I Ever Play Cards and 65 Rule Cards
  • Contains some hilariously explicit material, recommended for ages 17+
  • Played on Ellen DeGeneres, The Big Bang Theory, House of Cards, and Game of Thrones
  • Relive all of life's awkward and embarrassing moments
  • Get to know your friends a WHOLE LOT better

Never Have I Ever
This adult card game brings comic relief to each player’s past and present. What may have seemed like a horrible idea at the time now earns points and makes you a winner.

It's Time to Reveal Your Secrets
Each time you play, the game dynamic is different, and when combined with almost 500 different scenarios, it creates boundless fun, game play and entertainment. 

One Rule - No Judgment
The only rule is ‘no judgment.’

Perfect for Parties
You can play it at bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, pre-party before going out, a night in with good friends and it works great as a drinking game.


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