ManCave · Supreme Skincare Set

ManCave Inc.

Any Pioneer knows that being well prepared for the day ahead is key to a successful venture, taking time out of his pursuit for unfound grounds to bathe his face in the spring and survey his progress with renewed clarity. Whilst the Pioneer’s skin may be damaged to the extreme through weathering ship travel and drying expeditions, in truth, every man’s skin suffers at the hands of the elements. Even your daily commute through the concrete jungle has its effects on your skin, contributing heavily to the buildup of debris on the skin, not to mention the effects of stress.

This is where our Face Wash and Moisturiser come in… The perfect combination for optimum hydration, a two-step regime to ensure your skin is ready and waiting for everything the great outdoors has to throw at you. Surely it would be rude to keep such an essential grooming tool to yourself? Any urban huntsman presented with such a kit would wonder how they ever survived without it, and they’ll have you to thank! 

Collections: Body & Soul

Category: Gift Box, Gift Set, Mancave, Skincare

Type: Skincare Set

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