Kite · Sweet Ice Cream

ER Curates: Play

  • Launches At The Slightest Breeze
  • Best for Beach Games
  • Highly Durable
  • Free String, Spool and eBook
  • Build memories that will last a lifetime: expose your kid to the magic of kites!
  • amaze your children with a unique toy: blow them away with this unique and adorable design!
  • get them outside and keep them healthy: build healthy habits today for strong bodies tomorrow.
  • easy to assemble and fly: the kit is specially designed for simple assembly with child-friendly handle so they can launch it on their own.
  • comes with instruction ebook and lifetime guarantee: what better way to bond with your children than to learn together? We’re so confident you’ll love this kite that we offer a lifetime guarantee.

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      Category: Funky Novelty, Kites, Play

      Type: Kites

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