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It’s a little known fact in Greek mythology, but Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty and sexual rapture owed alot of her appeal to one man: the Follicle Oracle. He divined that Aphrodite’s hair would be the most lustrous hair ever seen. The same shampoo he recommended she use (you’re not doubting us here, are you?) can be found inside this very bottle. Every time you use it to enhance your own beauty and sexual rapture, you too enter the Follicle Oracle’s shrine, his magnificent shrine of shine.

  • Frequent wash shampoo for shiny hair.
  • Cucumber & mint scented.

The Follicle Oracle Frequent Shampoo – some also know of him as the God of Glossiness and the High Priest of Highlights, but call him what you will (there are certain ancient Brazilian tribes who just refer to him as ‘El Lustro’) with each bottle of this shampoo, F.O welcomes you to his shrine, his fantastic shrine of shine.

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Category: Anatomicals, Haircare, Shampoo

Type: Shampoo

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