Anatomicals · Cruisin for a Snoozin Sleep Mask


Anatomicals Cruisin for a Snoozin Sleep Mask

The world is suffering from unrest. not just political unrest and social unrest, but unrest in general. the type of unrest that leaves you tired, irritable and prone to nodding off during the day when you really should be wide awake, fighting all that political and social unrest which is going on. problem solved. this silk mask (nothing quite as proletarian as cotton or sateen), will block out every trace of light, it plainly advertises what your intentions are to anyone you’re in bed with. so unless they’re cruisin’ for a bruisin’, they better not disturb your slumber.

Featuring a silk style finish to the front with a contrast embroidered slogan and an elasticated band to the head.

Collections: Body & Soul

Category: Anatomicals, Skincare, Sleep Mask

Type: Sleep Mask

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