Orders & Payments


Q: How to shop?

A: Shopping at Euphoric Retail is fairly simple. Please choose a product(s) you may desire and press check out to select your preferred method of payment by registering with us as a member. Our priority lies in making your shopping experience as simple as possible.

Q: Do I need to register to shop?

A: Registering with us helps speed up the ordering process for you, as we would already have your billing and shipping details. It also allows you to keep track of your current and past order, payment status & tracking number. However, you may still checkout as a guest.

Q: How do I create an account?

A: Click here to register by filling in your details and following the instructions.

Q: I forgot my password or my password does not work?

A: Click ‘Forget Password’ and key in your email to reset your password

Q: What are newsletters and why should I subscribe to it?

A: Newsletters are usually used to keep you up to date with exclusive deals and product highlights.

You are a priority. We’d like to make sure that our customers find out about our promotions and special offers before anyone else does. Allow us to keep you updated with all news Euphoric Retail and learn about our collections while we try to provide you with the best value for money.

Q: URGENT! Can I receive my order tomorrow or specific date if I place the order today?

A: You will receive your orders within 2 working days (local orders), 5-15 working days (international orders) upon order placement. Orders could be picked up “Euphoric Retail Pick up Stations”. We also cater to COD services. 

Q: How do I apply my store credit/coupon code?

A: On the ‘Checkout’ page, you will see the 'voucher code' column. Just type the code into the column and click 'Add'. The total amount will automatically be deducted and you can proceed with payment.

Q: I couldn’t make payment for the item that I added into my cart previously. What should I do?

A: Items added to your cart will only be reserved to you within a certain time frame. The item will be sold to the next person in line if payment is not made within the time frame. Please do note that at a given time your cart would be available among multiple devices.


Q: How do I make payments?

A: All transactions are made in Maldivian Ruffiya (MVR) via cash on delivery (COD), local bank transfers, atm transfers and use of credit and debits cards over our Bank of Maldives POS machine. For overseas buyers, the currency shown on the website is an approximate value depending on the exchange rate. All orders will be paid in Maldivian Ruffiya.

*At this time, we are working on collaborating with local and international payment gateway systems that accepts credit cards, debit cards as well as PayPal payments.  

Q: Do you offer direct bank transfers / atm transfer / meet up / cash on delivery (COD)?

A: To allow our customers the best of Retail, we do offer all of these services.

Q: Can I have your bank account number?

A: Should the option of bank transfers or atm transfer’s be used as your preferred option, Please use the following accounts exactly or equivalent to the invoice total.

  • Maldivian Rufiyaa: 7730-000040-445 – Euphoric Ventures PVT LTD
  • United States Dollar: 7730-000081-516 – Euphoric Ventures PVT LTD

For more information, please read our Terms of Sale